Homemade Tuna Cat Treats

Prep Time / Total Time 10 min / 30-35 min
Meal Prep Friendly Yup! It’s snacks, so store it properly and you’re good for a week or two.
Yields Original recipe says like 50, but they made a lot more than me. It was about 15-20 treats for me.
Meal Time Kitty Snack Time
Best Served As N/A

Many of you may not know that I have a nephew-cat named Cooper. He is my best friend Savannah’s tabby, and he is destined to be incredibly spoiled by me in the coming years. I mean, just look at this family photo from the first day I met him:


Recently Cooper and Savannah came for a visit, and I knew the best way to welcome him into my home – even if it was just for a Saturday – was if I made him some homemade cat treats. After doing some looking into it online, to ensure I wasn’t preparing something for Cooper that might hurt him, I stumbled upon this very easy, two-ingredient treat recipe:


Cooper was a little hesitant at first, but he’s often confused by new treats, and he’ll bat them around like a little dummy until he realizes it’s edible. It’s the kitten in him, still. But I did get to see him chomp down on a couple before he went home.

When the recipe says two-ingredients, it’s no joke. All you need is egg whites and packaged tuna. The recipe called for a food processor to grind the tuna into a paste-like substance. I found working the tuna with a fork until it was relatively mealy was just as good. The other profession of this recipe is that it doesn’t break apart in little grainy bits all over the house, and that managed to be true for me, even though I didn’t make it a snacky puree first.

If you’re looking for a great recipe for your feline family member, try these little guys out and see if your cat takes to them.

Ingredients Recipe
  • Packaged tuna (I used Starkist packaged tuna, but canned tuna works just as well).
  • Egg whites.
  1. Preheat oven to 350-degrees (F).
  2. Pour packaged tuna either into your processor and work it into a paste, or like me, pour it into a bowl and with a fork mush it all together until it’s a relatively consistent – non-chunky – consistency.
  3. In a separate bowl add egg whites (1-for-1 ratio) and beat until fluffy. You can either do this with a mixer or by hand with a whisk like I did.
    • The trick to whisking egg whites into a proper fluff means consistent speed and working it until you can lift the whisk out of the fluffy egg whites and they try to hold their shape.
  4. Carefully fold the egg whites into the tuna mixture – gently so you don’t release too much air – and keep folding until mixed thoroughly.
  5. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  6. In the puree’d recipe, they put the tuna paste into an icing bag and piped circular bite-size pieces onto the sheet. I just eye-balled it with a spoon.
  7. Once the oven is pre-heated, bake for 25 minutes.
  8. Let cool for a couple of minutes. Treats should stiffen as they cool.
  9. Store in an air-tight container in a cool dry place for up to 2 weeks. I cleaned out an olive jar and stored them in there.

All-in-all, I’d say this was a success and super easy. I hope your kitty likes them.


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