About Thyme & Again

The mission for Thyme & Again is simple: Enjoy food.

This does come with a lot of self-awareness that I’m incredibly privileged to enjoy food. As I sit here writing this, I am enjoying a kale salad with mozzarella, lemon juice, Castelvetrano green olives, baked crispy tofu and avocado. It sounds lush, because in a way it is.

Not everyone has as a fun experience with food, or even a healthy relationship with it. This is why I never forget that when I’m indulging, and why I hope that I can help others feel connected to food in an enjoyable way.

Food tells you a lot about the person and the place. I grew up in Georgia, and now I live near Seattle. The food is vastly different for some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. There’s a lot that goes into turning meals into an experience of cuisine.

As a food enthusiast and as a home cook, I love to explore what food says more than how it tastes. Though for the purpose of a necessary review, I focus a lot on taste. 

I still have a distinct memory of my father commenting on my meal choice one evening at a restaurant, stating that he was always interested that I chose something new every time. That was when I was about 12-years-old. It hadn’t been a quirk in my personality I had ever thought about. But my father was very much a creature of habit when it came to food.

Once I moved into the world of journalism, as a student, I realized I could do more with that passion and interest.

First and foremost, I’m a creative person. That doesn’t necessarily mean I excel at everything creatively expressed, but it does mean I have a consistent need to express myself through art. Most of the time this comes through drawing, painting, photography, writing and graphic design. When I’m not working through the traditional idea of art, my creative side goes into experiencing the little world around me in food.

I cook, I eat. It’s what I love to do.

I’ve indulged in nearly anything, and my tastes are wide and varied. I love trying new foods in my favorite spots, new restaurants that appear in town, and I enjoy experiencing alternative diets to change things up.

I grew up a Southern carnivore. It’s Chick-Fil-A country in Georgia, so you can imagine it was hard to resist the urge for chicken at all. I still eat what I like within reason, but I’ve fallen more into a vegetarian/pescetarian lifestyle. Though, I call myself the “undisciplined vegetarian” for a reason – I don’t stick to it consistently enough to call myself one. I do try to follow as closely to a similar diet as a I can, however. I strive to be healthy.

Thyme & Again is my place to share recipes that I’ve perfected over the years, new recipes I’ve tried and succeeded with, reviews of the foods around me, articles that breakdown different foodie topics, and eventually I hope to collaborate with other “foodies” who blog or capture their adventures on social media.

Please know that while my experiences with food are enthusiastic and full of love, I don’t take for granted the accessibility I have to it or the relationship I have with it. If you are struggling with your meals – whether financially or mentally – know that you are loved. This is a place of love. I hope you can find a healthy balance here for loving food without feeling excluded.

I will always try my best.